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Pin Inspector Review: The Best and Only Pinterest Keyword Tool You’ll Ever Need

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If you know anything about Pinterest, you know that Pinterest keywords (or “Pinterest SEO”) is crucial. Keywords are how Pinterest knows to show people your pin. Without keywords, you're going nowhere.

So it's no surprise that having a great Pinterest keyword tool is important. For a long time there really wasn't one on the market. But now we have one: Pin Inspector. And it's the best Pinterest keyword research tool out there.

Let's get into it.

Photo of a pin cushion with pins in it.

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A quick guide to Pinterest keywords

Before we jump in, let's talk briefly about Pinterest keywords.

Using keywords on Pinterest is essential if you want to get your content seen. Keywords are one of the ways (probably the most important way) that Pinterest knows what your pin is about.

If Pinterest doesn't know that your pin is about apple pie, it's not going to know to show it when someone searches for apple pie. You get the point.

You should use Pinterest keywords:

  • In your profile name
  • In your profile description
  • In your board titles
  • In your board descriptions
  • In your pin titles
  • In your pin descriptions

So, given the importance of Pinterest keywords, you can see why it's important to have a great keyword research tool for Pinterest.

What is Pin Inspector?

Pin Inspector is a software (available for both PC and Mac) that allows you to use one keyword to find:

  • Other good keywords for the same topic
  • Top performing pins relating to that keyword
  • Top performing boards related to that keyword
  • Top performing profiles related to that keyword
  • Trends related to that keyword

Additionally, it has a new “browse and scrape” tool that allows you to see the top performing promoted pins (or Pinterest ads) in your feed, along with dozens of data points for each one.

Moreover, for every pin that it shows you, you can see 47 different data points. It includes things like the number of saves, the number of repins, the number of comments, and many, many more.

To my knowledge, there is no other Pinterest keyword tool out there that can do all this.

Pin Inspector is simply the best Pinterest keyword research tool out there.

Who is Pin Inspector for?

Pin Inspector will work for anyone who pins on Pinterest and wants to see what pinners are searching for. It's is great for social media managers or businesses looking to get traction on Pinterest. But it may be most helpful to bloggers and content creators.

It's no secret that the changes Pinterest has been making in recent years have not been kind to bloggers. There's no silver bullet here, but this Pinterest keyword tool will certainly help.

Pin Inspector features

The keyword generator on Pin Inspector might be my favorite feature, although it's tough to choose in a Pin Inspector review.

To use the keyword generator, as a Pinterest keyword research tool, all you have to do is type in one seed keyword and it will generate hundreds of popular keywords related to your seed keyword.

For example, let's say I'm writing a post about Instagram and need some good keywords for my pin title and description. So I used “Instagram tips” as my seed keyword. These are the (partial) results:

Screenshot of the Pin Inspector keyword research tool.

As you can see, it's suggesting keywords like: Instagram tips for business, Instagram tips and tricks, Instagram tips and tricks followers, Instagram tips and tricks photo editing…etc, etc, etc.

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These would all be helpful to me if I were writing a post on Instagram.

You can also hook it up to SEO keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere, and Keysearch to get even more utility out of this Pinterest keyword tool.

And what's even more efficient – you can send any one of the keywords that comes up to other areas of the software, making it really quick and easy to do.

Screenshot of Pin Inspector review keyword research tool.

The keyword generator alone is worth the price of the software. It's really the best Pinterest keyword research tool out there.

The Trends Generator is another great feature of Pin Inspector.

The Trends Generator allows you to see what's trending on Pinterest, with lots and lots of data points.

This image shows what's trending right now:

Screenshot for Pin Inspector review of Pin Inspector trends tool.

It also allows you to type in a keyword and see trending searches related to that keyword.

“Enter any keyword and the trends extraction engine will generate hundreds of trending search phrases by appending each letter of the alphabet to your search keyword.”

In this image, I used the keyword “chocolate chip cookies.” You can see how the trends look for that keyword and other related keywords:

Screenshot for Pin Inspector review of Pin Inspector trends tool.

You can also click on any of the trend charts to get a closer look, like this:

pin inspector review11

Here you can see how this keyword has been doing every week for the last year. This is a big part of what makes this the best Pinterest keyword research tool.

It's a very useful tool, and definitely part of my Pin Inspector review.

Note: The Trend Analyzer tool is the one part of Pin Inspector that requires you to log into Pinterest through Pin Inspector. Since Pin Inspector is not a Pinterest-approved partner (yet), I would recommend logging into your personal account, rather than your business/blog account, on the off chance that it raises a red flag with Pinterest.

Find your best performing pins with Pins Analyzer

Another big part of what makes Pin Inspector the best Pinterest keyword research tool is the Pin Analyzer feature.

You can type in any keyword, and it will show you the top pins for that keyword, including tons of customizable data points like:

  • Number of repins
  • Number of saves
  • Number of comments
  • When the pin was created
  • The pin description
  • The link
  • The dominant color (so you can see what colors do best)
  • The pinner username
  • The name of the board it was pinned to
  • And lots more

Here, I typed in “bridal party ideas” as my keyword (my sister's getting married soon, it's on the brain). You can see that it pulled up all the top pins for that keyword. So if that were something I were blogging about, I would have a ton of great new ideas.

Screenshot of Pin Inspector pin analyzer tool for Pin Inspector review.

This little Pinterest keyword tool is the first place I go now when I'm strategizing on what my pins should look like and say.

Use the Browse & Scrape Tool to uncover hidden data

The Browse and Scrape tool might be the coolest part of Pin Inspector.

This feature allows you to get dozens of data points on all the pins and/or ads in your feed. So you can see what's ranking, and why.

You first open up your Pinterest feed inside the software and tell it to grab data on all the pins in the feed (or a certain number). You can set it to only do so for ads if you want.

Screenshot of the browse and scrape feature.

I searched for “basement home gym ideas,” had it scrape all the pins that came up, and then added them to the analyzer. Now I've got dozens of data points (like the ones we've already discussed) for all the pins that come up in this search.

Screenshot of the browse and scrape feature on this Pinterest keyword research tool.

Another super useful tool to have when strategizing about your own pins.

Determine which boards are thriving with Boards Analyzer

The Board Analyzer is one of my favorite features of Pin Inspector.

Type in a keyword and it will give you all the top boards related to that keyword, along with tons of data points.

Screenshot of Pin Inspector Board Analyzer keyword tool for Pinterest.

This is super useful! You can check out those boards and see what kind of stuff they're pinning, what keywords they're using etc. It's a great way to beef up your own Pinterest boards.

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Unlock the secrets of top pinners with the Pinner Analyzer

Last but not least, another great Pin Inspector feature is the Pinner Analyzer.

Similar to some of the other tools, you can enter a keyword, and Pin Inspector will come up with a list of the top pinners relevant to that keyword.

Screenshot of Pin Inspector Pinterest keyword tool

As with the Board Analyzer tool, you can use this to see what's working so well for these other pinners in your niche.

How to improve your Pinterest strategy with Pin Inspector

As you can see from this list of features, Pin Inspector can definitely improve your Pinterest game.

Here's a list of just some of the things Pin Inspector allow you to do:

  • Find keywords for your pin titles and descriptions (and anywhere else you need keywords)
  • Find out what the top pinners in your niche are doing
  • Find out what the best boards in your niche look like and what keywords they're using
  • Find out what's ranking on your feed and why
  • Find the top performing pins for your keyword and see what they're doing to make it work
  • And more…

You can use Pin Inspector for so many things. I don't know where it's been all my life.

How much does Pin Inspector cost?

Pin Inspector currently costs $67 for lifetime access (no yearly or monthly fees). You can buy a PC version or a Mac version and it's good for 10 installs.

And right now you can get an additional $20 off with the code PIN20, bringing the cost down to just $47.

Pros and cons of the Pin Inspector software


Pin Inspector has many pros…

  • There's no comparable product on the market (as far as I know)
  • It gives you MUCH more information that Pinterest or Tailwind give you
  • It's easy to use
  • It makes it super easy to find keywords for your pins
  • It makes it easy to checkout the other pinners, boards, and pins that are performing well in your niche
  • And more…


There are a few cons of Pin Inspector (hey, no one's perfect)…

  • The interface can be a little clunky
  • It's not a Pinterest approved partner (although maybe it will be in the future)
  • It can be overwhelming to get SO much data at once

And that's about it. I think the pros far outweigh the cons.

Pin Inspector review: Is it worth it?

A resounding yes.

As you've seen above, Pin Inspector can do things that no other product that I'm aware of can do.

Keywords are CRUCIAL on Pinterest, so a good keyword research tool for Pinterest is an amazing find.

And the ability to see the other top performers in your niche is greatly appreciated as well.

In my opinion, Pin Inspector is the best Pinterest keyword research tool on the market.

So are you convinced by my Pin Inspector review that this is the best Pinterest keyword research tool out there? I hope so!

I'm absolutely in love with it, and I think you will be too.

Have you used it yet? Let me know in the comments!

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