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The New Blog Starter Kit

New blogger? You’re in the right place. This combination checklist-workbook-resource guide will give you an exact gameplan to build and launch your blog!

No more guesswork!

    What you'll learn:

    Inside The New Blog Starter Kit, you’ll find a checklist/workbook hybrid (with some resource guide blurbs in there too). The Kit will help you make a game-plan to get your blog out there onto the internet!

    what to do before and after publishing a blog post

    "Becca Klein is phenomenal!"

    Becca Klein is phenomenal! I was so frustrated that my website just did not have all the bells and whistles needed to properly serve my clients, and I was unsure of how to fix it . . . Becca had me up and running in a very short amount of time, with an absolutely stunning, user-friendly, website. Her work has inspired me to learn more about blogging and pinning, too . . . Becca Klein is my go to girl, now . . . My money was well spent on this young woman!


    becca klein how to start a blog

    Meet the host

    Hi, I'm Becca!

    Truth: I’m a big blog geek. I love strategizing about the best way for me and my students to grow our blogs!

    I’ve been blogging since high school, and I’ve been “blogging about blogging” since 2016.

    I’ve built and launched many sites, and I can’t wait to help you with yours too!

    Ready to start building that blog?

    Grab your FREE copy of The New Blog Starter Kit today! Your future blog will thank you.

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