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How Do Shopify Gift Cards Work in 2023? (Guide to Everything)

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Are you a Shopify store owner? Do you utilize Shopify gift cards? If you don't use gift cards, you're missing out on a great sales opportunity. Just follow a few simple steps to create Shopify gift cards (or Shopify “gift vouchers” if you prefer), and you can both sell them, and give them away as incentive to come back and visiting your store for future orders.

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Does Shopify have gift cards and what are Shopify store gift cards?

Yes, Shopify has a fairly robust gift card feature. You can sell digital gift cards as a product (check out my Shopify gift card listing right here), or you can create them yourself to use as a form of store credit. You can create gift cards in any amount and distribute them easily via email.

The gift card code essentially functions as a discount code when the person goes to check out. It's also considered a payment method.

Are Shopify gift cards the same as Shopify store credit?

Yes. Shopify does not technically offer an option for “store credit,” but gift cards function in the same way. If you want to issue someone store credit, just create a gift card in the right amount, enter their email, and they'll get a message with their code. This is a main way to use Shopify gift cards.

How do customers use Shopify gift cards?

Customers can use Shopify gift cards by entering their unique gift card code at checkout. If the customer has a physical gift card, they can present it when they check out at a Shopify POS.

You can use Shopify gift cards instead of a refund

If you have a no refunds policy, or if someone contacting you for a refund doesn't meet your criteria, an alternative to just saying “no” and walking away is to issue a gift card, and make the value of the gift card the same value of the product they're trying to return.

This often smoothes over customer service issues. Plus, there's no additional cost to you. Giving out gift cards as store credit can be a great benefit.

Shopify gift cards inspire customer loyalty

Shopify gift cards are a great way to inspire loyal customers amongst your customer base. Even if you don't have an official loyalty program, giving out free gift cards from time to time can be a great way to use Shopify gift cards.

You can use Shopify gift cards to increase your brand visibility

Wondering how to use Shopify gift cards? How about to get new customers! Giving out free gift cards can increase brand awareness and get new customers over to your shop.

You can use Shopify gift cards as a bonus in other aspects of your business

Another way to use Shopify gift cards is as a bonus in other aspects of your business. For example, I sometimes offer a free gift card to my shop, The Blog & Biz Shop, as a thank you for writing a testimonial for one of my courses. It's excellent way to both say thank you, and get more eyeballs on your shop.

How do Shopify gift cards work in your online store?

There are two types of Shopify gift cards – ones that you issue individually (in the ways we've talked about above), and ones that you sell publicly, so anyone can buy them and gift them away.

How to sell gift cards on Shopify

Wondering how to set up gift cards on Shopify? It's easy!

Gift cards on Shopify are just a special type of product. You set it up like a product, and people can purchase Shopify gift cards just like any other product in your store. They can then use them themselves, or gift them to friends or family.

Screenshot of Shopify gift card purchase page at The Blog & Biz Shop.

When someone uses a gift card purchase, the amount of their gift card will be taken off the order total on the Shopify checkout page. If there's some left over, they can use the remaining balance at a later date on another transaction.


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How to issue a new Shopify gift card

To issue a new Shopify gift card, log into your Shopify shop, click “Products” on the left, and then click “gift cards,” and “issue gift card.”

Generate a unique code

Once you click “issue gift card” in the Shopify admin area you'll be taken to a new screen where a unique 16-digit code has been generated. If you want to change the code, you can just type a new code in. Or just leave the generated code alone.

This code is a new gift card.

Screenshot of Shopify gift card admin area

Set the amount of the gift card

Next, you'll set the desired amount of the gift card. By default it will be set to $10.00, but you can change that to any amount you want.

Set an expiration date

By default, the expiry date on a new gift card will be one year from the day it is created. But you can change that number to whatever you'd like, or you can opt not to have an expiration date (although I highly recommend having one).

Write yourself a personal note about the gift card

When setting up Shopify gift cards, there is a space for you to write a small note, visible only to you, not the customer. This is a useful way to keep track of why a Shopify gift card was given. Was it in place of a refund? Was it a gift?

You can type that in the notes section.

Type the gift card issuant's email address in

Next, type in the email address of the person you want to get the gift card. If she is an existing customer, it will pick that up, if not, she'll be added as a new customer.

Hit send

Hit send, and your giftee will instantly get an email letting her know about her new gift card. She's then free to use some or all of it in your store, any time before the expiration date.

Note: You can't see the full code again once you exit the page

Once you send the gift card, you'll be taken to a screen that looks like this:

shopify gift card 342342

This admin dashboard warning warns you that you won't be able to see the full 16 digit code again once you leave this screen. So if for some reason you need it, write it down now. After this, you'll only be able to view the last four digits of the Shopify gift card code in the Shopify dashboard.

How to create Shopify gift cards to sell

As mentioned above, in addition to creating individual gift cards yourself, you can also allow gift card sales, so that the gift giver can go to the gift card product page, buy a gift card, and gift it to their friends and family for special occasions, or really whatever they want.

To do this, click on “Products,” then “Gift cards” then “Add gift card product.” You'll get a screen that looks like this:

shopify gift cards 9809

From here you can create a gift card product much like you would any other product, including choosing in which denominations you want to sell Shopify gift cards.

Monitoring Shopify gift cards

You can see the gift card balance of any particular gift card if you click on “Products” and then “Gift cards” in your Shopify admin area.

Best Shopify gift cards app

You don't need a custom app to create and sell Shopify gift cards. But if you want to use one, there are some good ones out there.

The best custom app for gift cards and customer loyalty programs for Shopify is is the go-to Gift Card & Store Credit platform for eCommerce brands. It provides you w/advanced solutions for Gift Card sales, Store Credit management, rewards, referrals, refunds, and loyalty programs.

Shopify gift card FAQs

Does it matter what Shopify plan I'm on?

No, Shopify gift cards are available on any Shopify plan.

Can Shopify gift cards be used at brick-and-mortar stores or Shopify POS locations?

Only gift cards created with a Shopify POS can be used at both brick-and-mortar and digital stores.

Are Shopify gift cards good only at a specific store?

Yes, the gift card you create will only be useable at your store. You cannot create gift cards for other stores that you do not own.

Can you get a physical gift card?

Yes, if you are using a Shopify POS.

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Shopify gift cards are a quick and easy way to reward customers, and to allow your customers to show your shop to their family and friends. They're easy to create, easy to manage, and easy to promote. Check out Shopify gift cards today!


Pinterest pin for article on Shopify gift cards.
Pinterest pin for article on Shopify gift cards.

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