customizing convertkit custom convertkit email template

Create a custom-coded ConvertKit email template, without knowing any code

(we’re talking colors, fonts, buttons, borders, call out boxes, social media buttons…the whole shebang!)

Your emails just got WAY snazzier with Customizing ConvertKit by your side!


You don’t need to know ANY code.

(For reals).


ConvertKit is the BEST for many reasons.

BUT, the default emails are pretty…dull.

The bad news is, for a truly customized ConvertKit email, you need to know code. 😳

But the good news?

The goods new is, inside Customizing ConvertKit I’m giving you a COMPLETE custom-coded ConvertKit email template. 🎉🎉🎉

All you need to do is change the colors and fonts to match your brand and the links to point to your pages.

And I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do that.

The whole thing will take you less than 10 minutes.

Are you ready to send emails so fabulous that people will think you hired someone to do it?

Create your own custom ConvertKit template in about 10 minutes using the copy/paste template I'll give you.

Easily use the template in each email you send and mix-and-match the features to create a unique look every time.

Re-use the template again and again for different brands or just when you want a new look for a new email.

If you're bored with plain Jane emails, then Customizing ConvertKit is for you!

You’d LOVE to have branded emails.

You’ve put so much effort into your brand…

⭐️ On your homepage

⭐️ In your Instagram posts

⭐️ All over Facebook

⭐️ In your blog posts…

…the list goes on

But custom code? Not so much your thing.

And let’s be real.

You’ve got 1000 other things to do. Learning CSS on the side is not so much at the top of that list.

Plain emails end here.

Inside Customizing ConvertKit…

⚡️ I’ll give you a full, completely custom-coded ConvertKit email template

⚡️ I’ll show you how to make the (very minor changes) you need to make to match your brand

⚡️ I’ll show you exactly how to use it inside your emails

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Here's what the template looks like...

customizing convertkit custom convertkit email template

With this template, you can customize:

🌈 The email header image (or choose no header image)

🌈 The email border (or choose no border)

🌈 The color and font of the main email text

🌈 2 different headings that can have different fonts, colors, and sizes

🌈 Buttons with a color and font of your choice

🌈 Call out boxes (like the big blue box in the picture)

🌈 Social media links at the bottom of the email in the font and color of your choosing


Absolutely. Every color and font in the template can be changed, and I will show you exactly how to do it inside the course.

Yep! I’ll give you the fully coded template to copy/paste into ConvertKit. You only need to make very minor changes, and I will show you exactly how to make them. No coding. knowledge required.

Inside the Customizing ConvertKit course, you will be able to download the custom coded template and view several screen-sharing training videos and text lessons showing you exactly how to modify the template to match your brand and how to use it on your emails.

No, this template is designed specifically for ConvertKit.

Due to the immediate and digital nature of this product, I cannot offer any refunds for any reason. If you have questions about Customizing ConvertKit, please email so you can be sure about your purchase.

Immediately. As soon as you enroll, you’ll get an email with access instructions to the course platform. 100% of the course content will be waiting for you.

You have full access for the lifetime of the course.

No. I am not a ConvertKit contractor or employee, and ConvertKit is in no way involved with the creation or sale of this course.

A custom-coded.ConvertKit email template.
Without knowing any code.
Ready to grab it?

Have more questions? Email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 👋

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