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“Becca Klein is phenomenal!"

“I was so frustrated that my website just did not have all the bells and whistles needed to properly serve my clients, and I was unsure of how to fix it . . . Becca had me up and running in a very short amount of time, with an absolutely stunning, user-friendly, website. Her work has inspired me to learn more about blogging and pinning, too . . . Becca Klein is my go to girl, now, for all things related to the technology portion of running my wig shop business. My money was well spent on this young woman!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep! Contact me at hello@beccaklein(dot)co and we can talk about how I can help you meet your goals.

Occasionally. If you’re interested, send an email to hello@beccaklein(dot)co and let me know your idea for a post and the basic topics you would cover.

I work with (not, Leadpages, and Squarespace. Those are the platforms that I use personally and that I can give technical advice on. Unfortunately I cannot give technical advice on any other platform.

Please check out the pages for the product or service that you’re wondering about. Each of those pages have specific FAQs. If you still need help, email hello@beccaklein(dot)co and we’ll get your problem solved.

You can check out my full refund policies for all services and products right here.

becca klein expert blog coach (1)-min