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Get a Blog Audit

Your site just doesn't look the way you want. I can help. Let me do a top-to-bottom review, and in 7 days you'll have a complete action plan for a real blog. Like the kind you can show your friends.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

  • The idea of showing your blog to your family or your BFF is *ugh*. You're worried that they'll think it looks amateur and wonder why you're bothering. Who are you to do this anyway?
  • You look at all those other “real” blogs and they look so good! Do they pay fancy web designers? Or are they just better at this than you? How do you get your site to look like that?
  • Your site is just kind of sitting there. Not getting traffic. Not getting email list subscribers. Definitely not selling anything. How?!

How does this sound?

I'll take a look at your blog.

A good look. An every single page, top-to-bottom kind of look.

I'll tell you exactly what's working. And exactly what's not.

You'll get a 20+ page written action plan, plus a video walkthrough of your site.

And we can even get on Zoom if you want.

Sounds good, no?

It's called a Blog Audit. And it's pretty awesome.

  • You'll fill out a detailed questionnaire so that I can get a total understanding of who you are, why you blog, what you love about your site, what you don't like about your site, what your goals are…and lots of other stuff.
  • I will do a comprehensive, top-to-bottom review of every single page on your site, plus at least five blog posts.
  • I'll create a written action plan that goes over every page in detail and tells you what's working, what's not, and how to fix the things that aren't. It includes exact steps to follow and the tools to use.
  • I'll also record a video where I share my screen and go over your site, narrating as I go so you can understanding my thought process for the action plan.

Kind Words

So what's the investment?

Blog Audit (written action plan + Loom recording)


Blog Audit (written action plan + Loom recording + Zoom)


frequently asked questions

The clock starts ticking the day you fill out your questionnaire. From the time you submit your questionnaire, you will get your written audit + Loom recording within 7 business days (and often sooner). If you also opt for a Zoom call, we will get that scheduled once your written/Loom audit is done.

I only work with I regret that I am unable to perform Audits for other platforms at this time.

I am unable to offer any refunds on Blog Audits. If you have questions about the program, please email before purchasing to make sure it's the right fit.

No. I will give you a detailed action plan, but I cannot actually make the changes on your site for you.

Most people submit their questionnaires soon after purchase, but you can wait for up to 180 days if you want. After 180 days, the Audit is no longer vaild.