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The 10 Best Instagram Apps For Bloggers in 2022

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Every blogger wants to create an epic Instagram feed that converts to more blog views. But they can't do it without the help of the best Instagram apps for bloggers in 2022.

If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time on Instagram. You don't want that time to be wasted.

Instagram can be a great tool for bloggers. But, you've got to have the best Instagram apps and tools to get more followers, find good hashtags, design prettier graphics, edit better photos, and get organized.

So these are the best Instagram apps for bloggers (in my humble opinion).

Photo of a woman holding an Instagram sign up to her face. Best Instagram apps for bloggers 2021.

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Instagram is insanely popular (duh) and there are zillions of Instagram apps and Instagram tools. I can't say I've tried every single one, but I have tried A LOT.

So in one blogger's opinion, these are the best Instagram apps for bloggers.

What types of Instagram apps and tools are best for bloggers?

There are tons of Instagram apps and Instagram tools out there for bloggers.

These are the ones we're talking about today:

  • Instagram auto-posters/schedulers
  • Instagram stories template app
  • Instagram photo editing apps
  • Instagram hashtag app
  • Instagram graphics design apps
  • Instagram Boomerang app

So let's do it.

Best Instagram auto-poster/scheduler: Tailwind

Tailwind is the best Instagram auto-poster/scheduler tool.

Tailwind does a lot of things.

(By the way, Tailwind is also a robust Pinterest scheduler, but we're just talking about the Instagram features here).

First, it'll tell you when the best time to post on Instagram is. Just tell it how many times per day you want to post, and it'll generate a “smart schedule” for you.

Screenshot of Tailwind for Instagram best times to post. Tailwind is the best Instagram autoposting app 2021.


Second, it allows you to create your whole post (image, caption, hashtags) on their platform and then schedule it to be posted at a later time. This is the main use of an Instagram scheduling app.

Third, it allows you to keep lists of hashtags so that you don't have to copy them from your iPhone notes app every time (just me?).

Fourth, it creates a landing page (they call it “Smart Bio”) where you can add buttons that link to whatever. It also allows you to add Tailwind links to posts that will then show up on the landing page. This can be used as the one link in your Instagram profile (like

Screenshot of Tailwind Smart Bio page for Instagram. Tailwind is one of the best Instagram apps for bloggers 2021.

Fifth, it gives you a fair amount of Instagram analytics. This is one of the reasons it's The best app for Instagram bloggers, as it helps them understand their audience's reactions to their content.

Lastly, Tailwind's “Create” feature is currently in beta mode. It allows you to upload photos, add text, and pick colors, and it will spit out a bunch of readymade Instagram posts for you.

A good idea in theory, but at least as it stands now, I didn't find any that were good enough to actually be posted. But it is in beta, so maybe it will improve!

All in all, two thumbs up for Tailwind as the best Instagram auto-poster app and one of the best Instagram apps for bloggers in 2022.

Runnerup for best Instagram auto-poster/scheduler tool: Planoly

Planoly is another great option for Instagram auto-posting and scheduling.

You can easily upload images into your grid, and it has a preview grid so you can see what it will actually look like.

Screenshot of Instagram grid on Planoly, the best Instagram auto-poster app.

You can upload an unlimited number of photos and move them around to your heart's content to really get your Instagram grid looking perfect.

Planoly also gives you hashtags lists, which can be inserted into the caption or the first comment. No more copy/pasting from my iPhone Notes app (just me?).

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And of course, Planoly can also post on Instagram automatically for you, at whatever time you want. That's pretty much the only thing it HAS to do to be a good Instagram scheduler.

Plus, Planoly recently announced that it now integrates with Canva!

“Canva fans rejoice! We’re excited to announce you can now access your Canva designs directly from PLANOLY. This new feature puts an end to the laborious processes of downloading, saving, and re-uploading your Canva files.  We’ve created a seamless connection with Canva that allows you to access any existing content for the IG Planner or Pin Planner in as little as five clicks – all from your PLANOLY web dashboard.”

Planoly Blog


Planoly is a solid Instagram tool and definitely one of the best Instagram tools for bloggers looking to grow their following.

Best app for Instagram stories templates: Unfold

Unfold is an extremely cool app that makes gorgeous templates for Instagram stories.

There are toooons to choose from. But here's just one:

An example Instagram stories template from the Unfold app, the best instagram stories app 2021.

Best photo editing app: A Color Story

A Color Story is the best photo editing app for Instagram photos that bloggers will love.

It has tons of different editing options like saturation and vibrance.

But where the magic really lies is the filters. They have SO MANY filters and they are amazing. I can easily spend a half hour just playing with all of them.

Many people look for photo editing or photo filtering apps for Instagram. Now they can get both in one easy place!

A photo edited by the A Color Story App for my blogger Instagram 2021.

Runnerup for best photo editing app: VSCO

VSCO is another photo editing and filtering Instagram app.

It's very popular, and has some really good filters.

I use it more for editing and leave the filters to A Color Story, personally, but lots of people use it for everything.

Best Instagram hashtag app: MetaHashtags

One of the best Instagram apps for bloggers is, the best app to find good Instagram hashtags and create hashtag lists.

You can search for a hashtag and it will come up with a long list of related hashtags, including how many people have used them.

You can also select the hashtags you like and add them to hashtag list, making it easy to make lists of 30 Instagram hashtags to use at a time.

Screenshot of hashtags in Shows how this is one of the best apps for Instagram bloggers.

I use it all the time, and it's great.

Best graphic design tool for Instagram: Canva

Canva is just my all-time fav thing for everything blogging.

I use it SO much in my business. Almost all of my graphics are created with Canva, and Instagram posts and stories are no exception. You'll get stunning graphics with this free Instagram app!

Canva is incredibly easy to use (even with no graphic design experience) and creates gorgeous graphics.

(I wrote about what you can use Canva for here too).

Sample of canva's graphic design powers that make it one of the best editing apps for Instagram bloggers 2021.

Highly recommend!

Best quotes app: Word Swag

Another one of the best Instagram apps for bloggers in 2022 is Word Swag, a cool little app that lets you put text onto photos.

It has a lot of cool text styles that can make for really great Instagram quote posts.

Example of post from the Word Swag app, one of the best apps for Instagram bloggers 2021.

Best collage app for Instagram 2022: Layout

Layout is the best Instagram photo collage editing app for bloggers.

It's super easy to select the photos you want and then select a layout. You can be done in about two minutes.

Example of the best photo editing app for Instagram to make collage posts. Image of a collage of pictures from my trip to Croatia.

(A little look into my trip to Croatia).

So those are my list of the 10 best Instagram apps for bloggers! I use them all the time.

Follow me on IG to see them in action! @beccakleinco

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The 10 Best Instagram Apps and Tools for Bloggers

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