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Blog + Biz Tools

WordPress Themes


Bluchic makes some of my favorite themes. They offer both classic themes and Elementor themes.

Restored 316

Restored 316 makes gorgeous feminine Kadence themes. Plus their Kadence “Conversion Callouts” are fantastic.

Creative Market

Creative Market offers tons of WordPress themes in all kinds of styles.

Hello You Designs

Hello You Designs offer gorgeous Kadence and classic themes in a very feminine style.

Hearthmade Designs


The best theme on the market (in my opinion). I use it on this site (along with a child theme). It offers a huge amount of customizability with zero code required. It's also lightweight and great for site speed.


Astra is a nice theme to use if you're going to build your site with a page builder plugin like Elementor.

Email Service Providers


ConvertKit is my all-time favorite email provider. It's easy to use, but it also features advanced automation and segmentation features, which is where the money is at. I recommend it for everyone.

Email Opt-in/Landing Page Providers


A great opt-in creator for pop-ups, inline forms, welcome mats, notification bars, and more.


Another great opt-in creator.


Another great opt-in provider.


When you buy the Kadence bundle, you'll get a plugin that allows you to create opt-in forms with Kadence. It's great.


Hands down the best landing page creator out there. They have TONS of templates and they are built to convert. It's also endlessly customizable. Plus, they also have great pop-ups and alert bars too.


Elementor is a fantastic and easy-to-use page builder plugin that works with almost all themes.

Lead Magnet Creators


Canva is an extremely easy-to-use web-based graphic design tool and it can create pretty much anything. Including PDFs. Check out the “Blog to Biz Roadmap” I made on Canva here.

Apple Pages

If you're on a Mac, Apple Pages is a great tool for creating lead magnets, especially ones with a lot of text.


Beacon has tons of easy-to-use templates to choose from and it makes creating lead magnets SUPER easy.

Creative Market

Creative Market has loads and loads of gorgeous templates for lead magnets, in many different formats (like Canva, or Adobe InDesign).

Social Media Tools


My favorite Instagram auto-poster. You can upload your images/videos, write your captions, create hashtag lists (so you don't need to remember them), and insert hashtags into your post or the first comment. You can schedule it to auto-post, or post manually.

Pin Inspector

Pin Inspector is the BEST (and as far as I know, only) true Pinterest keyword finder tool. Check out this post for all the details.


I use SmarterQueue to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts, looping and on autopilot.


A great tool to search for Instagram hashtags. It goes you tons of stats on the gags. Plus it's really easy to make hashtag lists.

E Camm Live

E Camm Live is a great way to do Facebook Lives. It's very customizable, so you can add text, etc. You can show your face or share your screen. And you can still see the comments in real time.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is what I use to edit my photos for Instagram. It's a pretty amazing tool.


I use Linktree as my Instagram link so that I can have lots of options for people responding to different CTAs.

Business Tools


Dubsado is a great CRM with really powerful features, including automation.


I use Quickbooks for my accounting and it makes things much easier.

Send Owl

Send Owl is a great sales platform if you're selling things like ebooks or subscriptions.


King Sumo giveaways

King Sumo is my favorite giveaway platform because it has “viral” features that give entrants more entries for sharing the giveaway, giving it a much higher reach.

Interact quizzes

Quizzes make great lead magnets (check mine out here), and Interact is a great quiz-building tool.


RankIQ is a great and reasonably-priced SEO keyword research tool that has some very cool features.


A great place to buy cheap domain names.

Jasper AI

Jasper is an artificial intelligence tool that can basically write your blog posts for you once you get it started. It works surprisingly well.


Grammarly automatically checks your spelling and grammar as you write. It calls out errors and allows you to fix them with just one click. I use it constantly.

Legal Templates

The Contract Shop

The Contract Shop is my go-to place to get all my legal templates (like for my privacy policy page) and contract templates for when I'm entering into a business relationship with someone else. They're high quality and I trust them.


*Check out my “Best WordPress Plugins” post right here.

Essential Grid

Essential Grid is an extremely cool gallery plugin that allows you to create galleries with animated skins…it's kind of hard to explain without seeing it. You can check mine out here (the password is juniormints). As you can see, I use it for my Resouce Library, and I get compliments on it all the time.

Rank Math

Rank Math is my all-time favorite SEO plugin. Most people use Yoast, but whereas Yoast only lets you input one keyword, Rank Math lets you include as many as you want. Plus, they show up on the right side of the screen, instead of underneath the post, so it's much easier to keep them top of mind as you're writing.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links allows you to turn long, unwieldy affiliate links into “pretty links,” like


Smashballoon is my favorite plugin that allows you to display your Instagram feed on your site (you can see mine in my footer). It's very customizable and easy to use.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence blocks are extra blocks that you can use with the Gutenberg editor, and they make it way more powerful. I use them on this site, in combination with the Kadence theme and a Kadence child theme. But you can use them even if you're not using the Kadence theme.

Link Whisper

Link Whisper analyzes your posts and alerts you to places where you can insert an internal link to one of your other blog posts. This is important to SEO, so it's a really valuable tool.


Elementor is a great page builder plugin that can build pretty much anything.

Short Pixel

Short Pixel compresses all images on your site, which helps with site speed, which helps with SEO.


Stackable is another plugin that adds more blocks to the Gutenberg editor, and it has some pretty cool ones.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is THE plugin to get to take care of site speed. My site speed went up dramatically when I set it up.

Tasty Pins

Tasty Pins allows you to control what images from your blog posts are shared to Pinterest and what the titles and descriptions are. It also adds pin buttons onto images and allows you to have hidden Pinterest images.

WordPress Hosting

Big Scoots

Big Scoots is the best of the best when it comes to web hosting. It's what I use.


If Big Scoots is a little too expensive for you, NameHero is the next best option.

Webinar Tools

Easy Webinar

I use Easy Webinar for both live and automated webinars. It's an extremely powerful tool, and it integrates perfectly into my funnels.


If you only need to do live webinars (not automated), Crowdcast is another great webinar platform.

Course Creation & Promotion Tools


Thrivecart is one of my FAVORITE tools. For one lifetime fee (no monthly or annual fees EVER), you get access to a super customizable checkout platform AND a robust course platform. I switched all my courses over to Thrivecart and I absolutely love the platform.


I use Screenflow to record all my course videos and automated webinars. It can record your screen, your webcam, and your microphone (or any combination thereof). It's easy to use and easy to edit out mistakes, remove background noise, add mouse pointers, and more.


I use Rev to create transcripts of all my course videos. It's very quick and it doesn't cost much at all.


I use Vimeo to host all my videos (mainly for my courses and webinars). It only costs $7/month and it's really easy to customize the videos and embed them wherever you need to. All of the videos in all my courses are hosted on Vimeo.


FOMO provides those little popups that come up on the lower right corner of the screen telling you that someone just purchased a product. They help improve conversions.

Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel is the ONLY tool on the market that provides evergreen timers – meaning that everyone in your funnel gets their own separate deadline. Check out this post which explains it in more detail.

Video/Lighting Tools

Blue Yeti microphone

I use the Blue Yeti microphone to record my courses, webinars, livestreams, and Zoom meetings. It's extremely easy to use (it only has a few settings) and the sound quality is great.

Logitech webcam

When you need an upgrade from your laptop webcam, I recommend this one from Logitech. The picture quality can't be beat.

Ring light

Lighting is important for videos, and this ring light looks great.

Lume light

Lume light is great when you're recording a video on your laptop (like for a Facebook Live or a Zoom meeting). It perches on top of your laptop.

Lighted phone tripod

This cool little thing both holds your phone and includes a ring light. I use it to record Instagram stories and reels.


I use Screenflow to record all my videos. It records your screen, your webcam, and your microphone and it's extremely easy to edit.

Graphic Design/Stock Photo Tools


Canva is just the absolute best. I use it literally every day. It's a SUPER easy-to-use graphic design tool that can do basically anything. Can't recommend it enough.

Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix is a great membership that includes stock photos, Canva templates, social media caption templates, courses, workshops, and more. It's WELL worth the price.


Pixistock is another membership similar to Ivory Mix.

Haute Stock

Haute Stock is a gorgeous stock photo membership.

Courses + Ebooks

Business Books