How to add new fonts to Divi

Divi is a great WordPress page builder theme/plugin for a lot of reasons. But adding custom fonts can be a little tricky, especially if you’re getting the “Sorry, this filetype is not permitted for security reasons” error when you try to upload a custom font to Divi. But the good news is, there’s a fix, and it’s pretty easy. So here’s how to add custom fonts to Divi.

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If you’re anything like me, you love a good custom font. I’m constantly buying them on Creative Market (and then rarely actually using them).

But then it comes time to actually get them onto our website.

It definitely is possible to do it with Divi, you’ve just got to do a little workaround.

Uploading a custom font in Divi

So, first we’re going to try to upload a custom font and see whether we get the dreaded “security reasons error” (if we do, the next section will show you exactly how to solve it).

Go into the Divi builder on any page that has some text on it (or create a new page and add some text, doesn’t matter how much).

Go into the settings for the text block (click the gear icon), click on Design, and then go into the font settings.

When you click to open the list of fonts, you’ll see that near the top of that list is an “Upload” button. Like this:

Screenshot of Divi fonts menu. How to upload a custom font with Divi.

Click the upload button, name your font, select its weight, and then upload the font file.

Note: The font must be in either TTF or OTF form. If it’s not, Google font converters (like this one) and you can easily change it.

Screenshot of Divi custom font uploader. How to use a custom font on a Divi WordPress site.

Now, Divi tells us that TTF and OTF file type should work fine.

But at a lot of times, when you try to upload a custom font, Divi will give you an error message that says: “Sorry, this filetype is not permitted for security reasons.”

Screenshot of Divi font uploader with security reasons error message. How to fix the security reasons error message with Divi custom fonts.

Why? I don’t know, it doesn’t really make sense. But it happens a lot.

So, if you don’t get this message and your font uploaded just fine, then congratulations, you’re done! Your custom font will now work on Divi.

If you did get that error message, then keep reading.

Using the Mime Types Plus Plugin to fix the “security reasons” error

If you got “security reasons” error message on Divi when you tried to upload a custom font, then you need to install a plugin to work around it. But don’t worry because it’s free and easy.

Download and install the Mime Types Plus plugin.

Go into the settings for the plugin, and you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

Screenshot of plugin to fix Divi custom font security reasons error.

Now we just need to fill out these fields.

  • For “Extension,” type either “ttf” or “otf” (depending on what file type your font is in).
  • For “Mime Type,” type either “font/ttf” or “font/otf” (again, depending on your file type).
  • And for “File Type,” select “Document.”

Then click “Add” and you’re done.

Go back to the Divi custom font uploader

Now it’s time to go back to the same Divi custom font uploader that we tried before.

Follow the same process that I outlined above.

But this time, you should be error message free!

Now that your custom font is uploaded, it will appear in the fonts menu and you can use it just like any other font on Divi!

So, that’s how to use a custom font with Divi and avoid the “security reasons” error message.

Let me know in the comments if it worked for you!

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