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Hi, I'm Becca...

I’m the resident blog strategist around here. I love helping people build, launch, and grow their blogs. It’s what this site is dedicated to.

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I’ve been blogging on and off since high school, and I’ve been “blogging about blogging” since 2016.

I’ve launched multiple successful sites for myself, and a bunch for my clients.

Take a look around!

It all started in Ljubljana, as most things do....

Back in the 2010s my sister and I took a semi-impromptu trip to Croatia (which are amazing by the way…totally go). I was having so much fun in Croatia that I decided to extend my stay by another 3 days and go to Slovenia.

I arrived in the capital, Ljubljana, but it was way too early to check into my hotel, so I wandered over to a coffee shop and set up my laptop.

And as I was sitting there thinking about my trip, all of the sudden I had the brilliant idea to start a travel blog.

Now, I knew nothing about “real” blogs, so I basically Googled “how to start a blog,” clicked on the first thing that came up, and went from there.

And while I was having fun posting picture of myself boating in the Adriatic, the blog was a total disaster. I wish I had taken screenshots because they’d be pretty funny now…

Picture of a woman holding a world map.
Photo of a woman reading.

Learning by doing, I guess...

For a while I “learned” how to blog by Googling random things and listening to people in Facebook groups. Needless to say, the entire venture was a mess.

But after a while, I decided that I really wanted to get serious about the blog.

So I buckled down and tried to really learn things strategically, instead of randomly buying every plugin that I heard about in a Facebook group.

I made TONS of mistakes and the process was slow. But eventually I got there and my blog was doing pretty great.

But then something funny happened. I realized that I liked teaching about blogging more than my actual travel blog, and people were asking me to do it.

So, after some thought, I ditched the travel blog (RIP) and started my “blogging about blogging” business.

That was in 2016 and I haven’t looked back.

So, my mission?

To help #girlbosses take their starter blogs and turn them into profitable businesses.

Everything I do at Becca Klein + Co.–the blog posts, the courses, the services…everything–is in pursuit of that mission.

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